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Freedom Syrup – A Mini Documentary

When we heard of a small maple syrup production donating all its proceeds to the victims of fallen soldiers we simply had to capture their story and by the end of the shoot we were left utterly speechless by their …

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Main Bayfield Watershed

In late September we were contacted by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority to capture some footage from their 40th Annual Bannockburn Conservation Area Fall hike. This was one of those projects that just came together beautifully. We even had rain which for …

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Red Rhino – Agathos Dentistry

One of our first projects of the new year was working with Red Rhino Marketing Agency for their client Agathos Dentistry. This was an exciting project for us because it was part of a large company rebrand and relaunch of …

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Liam Isaac – Is It Just Me

When approached to work on a this music video, we were immediately blown away by the caliber of singing this young man possess. Match that with an amazingly written song we were more than excited to get started. The concept …

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Community Living London

Early in 2013 Community Living London asked us if we could work with them on a variety of promotional projects to help them tell their story and share some of the services they offer. Working with CLL in the past …

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Scott and Laura’s Wedding

We don’t often shoot weddings but when Scott and Laura asked us if we could do something for their special day it was hard to say no. This loving couple planned a beautiful wedding at the very back of Fanshawe …

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Stratford Festival Collection of Works

As mentioned in the the about us section, the owner of Two Hound Productions works his day job at the Stratford Festival as a Digital Media Producer. On a daily basis, Jason works with the Social Media and Marketing teams …

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Songs of Freedom by Van Abrahams

One of the more unique projects that we have worked on lately is a performance piece for a group of artist seeking funding for new play. Right away they saw the value in demonstrating their concept through video. This video …

“Our stories matter… Your stories matter… For you never know how much of a difference they make and to whom.”

~ Caroline Joy Adams, Power to Write

Story About Us

The Things you Should Know

Our Beginnings

About Us

My passion for storytelling started in the theatre world, moved to short film and now to digital media. With over 12 years of experience in film and video, Two Hound Productions is able to bring your story to life in an efficient and timely manner for almost every budget.

In 2002 a friend asked if I could help him out with a feature film project that he was working on. Having collaborated with him in the past on many theatre projects, I jumped in with great excitement. As is sometimes the case in the amateur film business, our project didn’t take off. We learned, we regrouped and we started again. We started our own production company, Sunny Day Jazz Productions and went on to create over 11 short films, music videos and worked on some very exciting commercial and non-profit work. As my skills grew so did my love for the medium. Next was building the community.

In 2007 the London Short Film Showcase was founded as a way to create a conversation and celebrate the achievements of the local community. In 2008 it was registered Not for Profit and has showcased more than 15 local films per year since its inception.

Currently, I serve as a Digital Media Producer for the largest repertory theatre company in North America, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. It is has been a truly humbling experience being back where it all began in the theatre world, but this time influenced by a new passion. Working in this creative, passionate and widely respected organization has boosted my skills and love for digital media to new heights.

In 2012 I decided to launch Two Hound Productions to help share my passion for digital media and online story telling. It has been a blast creating this company from the ground up, taking all I have learned over the 12 years and consolidating it into this exciting new project. I look forward to growing, learning and sharing the stories that connect us all.

Jason Clarke (Owner and Head Dog)

Our Services

flexible and affordable


Fancy Camera Stuff

Video Production

With more than 12 years of experience, Two Hound Productions brings a professional edge to all your media needs. Using professional equipment and expertise we will help you capture and deliver your digital stories.

  • Live Events
  • Interviews
  • Behind-the-Scenes Looks
  • Location Tours
  • Advertisements
  • Product and Service Highlights
  • Your Creative Project Goals

Our staff will see your ideas become reality on-time and on-target. Contact us to discuss Two Hound Productions’ flexible pricing.



cutting and pasting

Video Editing

We’ll take your project from “close” to “complete!” You provide the content and we provide the editing skills to pull your project together.

Our Resources:

  • Experienced with Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Experienced with After-Effects and Motion
  • Colour Correction and Colour Grading come standard
  • Full Editing Suite and On-site editing if needed

Our Results:

  • Rough-cutting, BROLL, full-editing… whatever your project needs!
  • Fast turnaround without sacrificing quality
  • Clients receive all project files and RAW files for future work



Talks and Chats

Getting Started

Hoping to dive into digital media???  We’ll help you get your feet wet!  Two Hound Productions staff have the knowledge and skills to build a digital media presence from the ground up.

Two Hound staff have presented at and attended a variety of digital media conferences.  With our vast experience with YouTube and its integration into marketing plans, we’re a reliable resource whether you’re looking to make your first video, create a digital media campaign or to start a YouTube channel.

Basic Tutorial – $250

Entering into the digital media space can be intimidating. Where to start? How much to invest? What the heck is an annotation? Our basic tutorial will walk you through the initial steps to start your digital media presence. We will walk you through the back end of YouTube and Vimeo as well as a quick look as some standard video equipment, editing software and file types. Package includes:
  • One hour presentation
  • Hands on learning
  • Brainstorming session


Training and First Steps – $500

So you have decided to invest in some digital media content for your business but really don’t want your video to turn out like this. We can help you start your digital media quest by brainstorming some key objectives and goals and outlining some ideas for where to start. We will walk you through the process from “ACTION” to final upload.
  • One hour presentation
  • Hands on learning
  • Brainstorming session
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Action plan


Full Production Package – Starting at $1500

You see the light. You understand the impact that digital media can have for your business. 21 million Canadians visit YouTube each month and you want a piece of that pie, but you just don’t have the resources available for your staff to focus on creating video content on a regular basis. This package might just be for you. We will work with you and your budget to come up with the content and schedule for an ongoing series of videos promoting your business.
  • Idea generation workshop
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Video production and editing

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Helping your business

Agency Support

Sometimes marketing and communication agencies will get requests or choose to produce video as part of a marketing campaign. These requests may not warrant hiring a full time videographer to be on staff. Fortunately we have the solution. Two Hound Productions offers our wide range of services to agencies at a discounted rate in exchange for exclusive business. For more information about these services, our rates and to start discussing a partnership, please contact us below.

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About 3 years ago

Lots of editing getting wrapped this weekend. Including Draft 3 of @liminalitymovie. Just a few more passes and it will be ready to rock.

About 3 years ago

@BrickHouseVideo Really great work as always!

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RT @jeffsage: You can't have a digital marketing strategy without content.

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